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If you are thirsty for the bright and glorious victory we offer you returned, battle-severe stuff from Epic’s Games’ theatre of war. These will support you with the help you are in need to make the similarities in your survival quest.  When battle royale games are popular at the moment and you may have tried some, one of the best games you are able to play is Fortnite Battle Royale. Are you playing Fortnite on PC or on mobile devices? Are you a starter or a Fortnite pro? Be attention to our most powerful, practical and easy – to – understand Fortnite Tips and Tricks Reddit below so that you can have a better opportunity to stay there.

Make as little noise and sound as you can

The first thing in Fortnite Tips and Tricks Reddit that I want to tell you is the sound. We all know that the sound system in Fortnite is true to life and lively. This means other players can hear you when you make a move or even when you are switching weapons. Thus, to make less noise, instead of running, try walking; Always stay alert and make sure the surrounding around you are safe enough when you are building or looking for items, resources.

Use headphones

Wearing a good headphone is quite essential in Fortnite. Catching the sound of enemy easier means you have the advantage, this can save you from death or bring you victory in even in difficult conditions.

Pay attention to the circle

One of the most vital Fortnite tips and trick Reddit is to have the awareness of the circle all the time. If you are in danger, do anything to get to the safe zone. While reaching for the safe zone, in case you encounter another player and you are not sure of defeating him, just run! The safe zone is the priority.

Your goal is to survive

In Fortnite Battle Royale, your goal is to survive. This means you can still lose when you get a lot of kills so do anything to stay alive until the very end. Fight only when you sure you can win.

On the other hand, you can get rewards when taking risks. After knocking out your target, search for loot and this might improve you to be different in the last stages.

Be careful while looting bodies

You are showing your vulnerability when looting. You never know who was staring at your firefights and you may get a headshot at the less expected time when you are careless and weak. So, remember to keep on watching out when zip over the corpses. This is one of the important things of Fortnite Tips and Tricks Reddit.

Covers can be destroyed, prepare a plan B

Obviously, one significant difference between PUBG and Fortnite is all covers in Fortnite can be destructed. Always have in mind (an) other exit(s) and fighting plan(s) even when you are on the upper hand. One more key in our most useful Fortnite tips and trick reddit: If you hear any skeptical sound or movement, shoot it right away.

Ability to build may come in handy

Moving to the end of a match, you should build high to have an advantage over enemies sneaking in the ground, trying to give you a shot. The high building together with strong ranged weapons such as a Bolt-Action Sniper AWP or a Light Machine Gun can make you the final winner. However, when your base is going to be collapsed, leave it soon without any hesitation. Then you will have more time to build a new one.

Spend your time farming resources

There are three building materials in Fortnite Battle Royale: Metal, stone, wood. Go around the map to farm for all kinds of these resources. According to Fortnite tips and tricks reddit, for a fast-built construction that can block bullets, choose wood. For safe small hideouts, metal or brick is a better selection.