Guild Wars 2 Huntsman Guide

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In case you would like to have ranged weapons such as longbows, rifles, short bows, pistols or harpoon guns, then we suggest that you had better choose the crafting discipline Huntsman. Besides those weapons mentioned above, Huntsman is able to craft things like war horns and torches. If you in search of some crafting tips and leveling up Huntsman, then you are at the right place – We are giving you a Guild Wars 2 Huntsman Guide! Let’s read to explore more.

Crafting guide – Recipes, Sigils and Refinements

Chiefly, engineers, warriors, rangers and thieves will find out that a Huntsman is handy. However, for all the professions do not include Element list, kinds of the stuff created by this discipline are helpful.

Except for guns and bows, you can use torches to destroy the enemies. Irons, steel and bronze are the three metal materials that Huntsman usually depends on, as far as the primary materials are involved. The crafting method is quite similar to “Artificer” or “Armorsmith”.

The same as all other professions, in case you would like to become a Huntsman, you will have to go meet a Master trainer. This Master trainer will train you in the specific crafting discipline. Take a look at the below list to know where you can find them:

  • Gudrid (Hoelbrak)
  • Vauldis Grawlbutcher (The Black Citadel)
  • Seilg (The Grove)
  • Gambil (Divinity’s Reach)
  • Jraogh (Lion’s Arch)
  • Hejj (Rata Sum)

Guild Wars 2 Huntsman Guide – Huntsman inscriptions: You can use the inscription to craft weapons, and they bring you particular extra attributes of the crafted items.

Material Refinement in Guild Wars 2: There is one thing that although you have gathered all the materials during your adventure, they are unable to be used straight to craft things. Before being used, they need to be refined carefully.

Huntsman Sigils in Guild Wars 2 Huntsman Guide: Right after the weapons you like have been crafted, they can be upgraded and you do this by using Sigils. Through the upgrading, the weapons improve attribute bonuses and critical hits. Thus, you are able to kill more enemies with them. Plus, these materials are usually rare – hard to find. However, it’s worth because there are various helpful and useful effects and this relies on the materials you put on the mixture.

Guild Wars 2 Huntsman Guide – Huntsman Recipes in Guild Wars 2: Currently, we realize that when we mix appropriate materials on random together, we will receive various products. But most of the times, this doesn’t bring many useful results. Here is one tip to help you save time: make use of different recipes, and then follow those recipes to craft. The Huntsman recipes we mentioned above can be bought from vendors. When you have them, gather the needed materials and then you are able to craft the specific items.

Guild Wars 2 Huntsman Leveling Overview

Firstly, one thing we want to mention in Guild Wars 2 Huntsman Guide is to become a Huntsman in Guild Wars 2 is pricier than the instructions we have created previously. However, it is especially faster because of it. It also has the ability to recover several of the first outlay of many from the stuff you have crafted, to then resell to the vendor or resell on the Trading Post – to a selected salvage/list.

Not similar to come to be a Chef or an Artificer, you have to spend some time to level up when you select Huntsman and the resting profession (in case you have got all the ingredients, it will take around an hour). Not very different from Jewel crafting, there are a lot of ingredients concerned so you should carefully pay attention to the ones that you bought and haven’t bought yet. In the meantime, we highly recommend you to check your crafting bank in case you already got some materials. Last but not least, this method is faster than Jewel crafting.


For more information, Huntsman is able to create useful and functional maintenance oils. These oils add buffs which are very much alike to artifice or cooking.