The best class in Guild Wars 2

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You are a fan of Guild Wars 2, but you do not know which class is best for you. Do not worry, in this article we will help you learn about the different classes and I believe you will find you best class in Guild Wars 2.

1. Engineer:

This is one of the most interesting classes as well as one of the newest ones in the game. The engineer has the ability to build turrets through the use of their tool belt. If you want to keep some distance between yourself and the enemy while being able to blow them into smithereens then this class is the one for you.

2. Ranger:

This is the only profession that lets players equip pets. With eleven different pet families available, players get to choose any pet they want to have in battle. In addition to being a sharpshooter, you will also have the ability to equip arboreal, terrestrial or aquatic pets to assist you in battle. Is this your best class in Guild Wars 2?

3. Thief:

The best class when it comes to looting and opening treasure chests. Considered a rouge class, the thief is able to set traps as it’s one of the things that they do best at. A one-on-one specialist, they possess duel wielding skills as they can equip a main weapon and an off-hand weapon. Best known for their deception along with their stealth abilities, players will find this class to be easy to use and that they can literally vanish with the wind upon a moment’s notice. If you like speed, accuracy and coolness, this is definitely your best class in Guild Wars 2.

4. Mesmer:

This isn’t what you would consider your typical mage class. The mesmer is one of the most interesting classes in the game. With the ability to use confusion and fear against the enemy, the mesmer is known the master of deception. With the ability to spawn multiple fake clones and phantasms, the mesmer is regarded as one of the toughest classes to master. However, once you do master it, the class becomes a formidable foe, especially in PvP. How do you distinguish the real mesmer between the multiple clones that are summoned?

5. Warrior:

This is your typical, run-of-the-mill warrior class, centered on hacking and slashing. These soldiers heavily rely on their speed, strength and toughness. Most people may under-estimate the warrior class believing this profession will be too sluggish in battle while in reality it’s quite the opposite as the warrior class can deal devastating blows to unsuspecting victims. I think this will be the best class in Guild Wars 2 for many players.

6. Guardian:

Walking down the path of justice and righteousness, we have the guardian class. This class is straight up designed to tank hits. With heavy armor as well as equally enhanced and durable artillery, the guardian class is the best tanker when it comes to defending against enemy attacks. The guardian also has a skill called Spirit Weapon which allows them to summon ephemeral weapons that appear alongside them.

7. Necromancer:

As the masters of the dark arts, they’re able to call the dead, create an army and swarm the opposition. One of the key abilities a necromancer possesses is being able to drain an enemy’s life force. As it suggests, this ability lets you extract your opponent’s life force and add it to your own. This is also considered one of the toughest classes to beat. Unleashing death and decay everywhere they go, the necromancer will remain the last one standing no matter what as long as they keep draining your life.

8. Elementalist:

 This profession is also not what you think as typical mage class. Unlike the mesmer, this mage class is able to make use of four different elements at the tips of their fingers. A naturally ranged class with light armor clothing, the element list is a class that shouldn’t be taken lightly by any means because they can unleash explosive spells by combining two separate elements together to create a devastating effect on the opponent. Honestly, this is my best class in Guild Wars 2.

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