4 Attractive Shooter mobile game have just released recently

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Are you a fan of shooter game? If the answer is yes, you shouldn’t ignore 4 mobile games of the genre Shooter that are extremely attractive have been released recently. Let explore these togethe

1. Into the Dead 2

One of the most expected shooters mobile game that I need to mention about in this article is Into the Dead 2.

This game has just released the iOS version in early May and a short time after that, it has continued to release officially the Android version on Play Store system. With the gameplay is quite similar to the previous version, Into the Dead 2 was built in the context of the world threatened by the zombie epidemic and you are one of the survivors who must find ways to survive and protect people safely form the world full of dangerous corpses and zombies.

In addition, Into the Dead 2 also allows players to upgrade their equipment, or unlock new weapons when they meet certain conditions. The storyline with a flexible ending which always changes depending on the choices that players decide through the process of playing will make you have to think carefully about any moves. Moreover, with a completely new storyline, gloomy graphics suitable for this type of game, more than 60 levels and hundreds of different challenges that are extremely unique, the game will bring you the exciting time.

2. Noblemen: 1896

Noblemen: 1896 is the latest tactical and action game created by Foursaken Media and has just released last 31/8.

With the storyline about the devastating war of 1896, In Noblemen: 1896, you will play as a general who controls the entire army to battle against aggressive enemies. In this game, players will have to command and build their own powerful army to capture all the territories that were occupied by the enemy.

However, Noblemen: 1896 is not only a common tactical game but also incorporates a very dramatic shooter element that allows the players to freely switch his role, either become a commander the whole battlefield or play as a soldier who is shoulder to shoulder with your comrades on the battlefield.

3. Dead Legend

Dead Legend is a shooter game that combines castle-keeper elements. The player’s mission is to use weapons that the character has available with the sensitive and reflex ability to destroy all the thirsty blood zombies that are trying to attack you!

Dead Legend gameplay is built with many barriers, I mean that in this game, all of your movements are completely locked and you only can control your character with some basic moves such as throwing grenades or switching gun. However, in return, the game possesses a huge variety of weapons that can be unlocked gradually through the reward of each level.

In addition to playing follow the storyline with a variety of challenging missions, the game also allows you to experience a variety of unique combat modes such as fighting on armor with zombies or killing extremely difficult bosses.

4. Forward Assault

Forward Assault is a mobile shooter game this is similar to CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) on PC. The first attractive point of Forward Assault is the sharp 3D graphics, all the details, and sceneries in the game are reproduced in the most honest way which make players feel so similar to our life. Besides that, the weapons in the game are designed rich and diverse with many types, color as in CS: GO.

Forward Assault’s gameplay is team deathmatch that is very popular with the players. However, another interesting point of this game is that the weapon system brings the players a real-life-feeling when shooting.