Four Best Games Like Overwatch

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Are you someone among people who are feeling tired and impatient because you have lost interested in Overwatch when you play it again and again each and every single day, although it is worldwide considered a popular shooting game for a long time?

Don’t worry, we definitely understand why and this takes place to most of us. For the ones who have just started playing this game, perhaps it costs much money to buy things to make you become strong enough and enjoy the game.

Or else, you maybe one of those who just want some changes, or want some experiences with different games. If so, then you are coming up for a sweet treat. We are about to give you a list of top games which are similar to Overwatch.

Playing these games, you can still take good use of your Overwatch skills and these advantages will absolutely help you to be on top, yes, these skills will be carried over to the new game you play. So, here we go, let’s have a look at top 4 games like Overwatch.

1. Warframe (available on Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One)

Warframe is a shooting game with “third person perspective”, created by Digital Extremes. In this game, we find that it is a bit like the war between ninjas and aliens. The game story is about members of Tennos whose the eternal war divide their homeland. Now with the duty of bringing back peace and the state of being stable to the world, Tennos soldiers live and fight by any cost to get their jobs done. And of course you are giving them a hand to reach for glory achievements.

You have to create fun by yourself because of the not-interesting storyline and mission of this game. However, you find no difficulties shooting most targets. You can also take advantage of your ability to move easily from one place to another and be ready to be overwhelmed because the huge diversity of weapons, powers and combat suit.

With these, make your own fun and fight in your own way is really an unforgettable experience that you obviously should try. Otherwise, the microtransations are expensive and if you are not very patient, they can soon be increased gradually and someday you’ll find out that

you have spend much money on the game. When you first enter the game, there will be three starter Warframes available for you. More Warframes will unlock while you are playing the game.

There will be a totally new experience when you start to play WarFrame, compared with Overwatch. However, the unsimilarities between these two games are just enough.  Ask for tight team play and joint efforts and bring you a heavy war atmosphere – these are what WarFrame gameplay is about.

2. Day of Defeat: Source (Available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux)

Day of Defeat: Source is a team-based online first-person shooter multiplayer video game developed by Valve Corporation. This game was released in 2005 and is the origin of the World War 2 shooter – another industry fad. Also in 2005, other shooters included Medal of Honor European Assault, Call of Duty 2, Brother in Arms Road were all made available.

Day of Defeat: Source was definitely a team-based multiplayer game while the games that existed in earlier times were mostly single-player games.

Day of Defeat: Source makes itself different from other games by being exceptionally balanced and phenomenal map design. There are two options for you to select Play as the US Army or play as German Wehrmacht.

At capture points, players can have a short fight between small groups or try to arm bombs on critical capture sites. It is easy and not very difficult to learn. And last but not least, even now it is exceedingly fun to play.

3. Dirty Bomb (Available on PC)

Dirty Bomb was developed by Splash Damage. And of course it is similar to Overwatch, for both gameplay and style.

This game is an excellent heavy mixture between many genres. Until now, Dirty bomb considered one of the most underestimate multiplayer FPS ever. In the game, the characters are called Mercs. In addition, you are able to pick out from a list of different mercs, and each of these individuals have very special, unusual traits as well as abilities.

Yes, it is surprisingly well. At the same time, everything in Dirty Bomb happens very quickly and well – planned, concentrating on getting objectives done and carrying out strictly team play. You obviously unable to solo each and everything in multiplay. We highly recommend this game for you.

The key difference between Dirty Bomb and Overwatch is that Dirty Bombs give much grown-up theme. Even the characters use more mature language. The pace in this game is also much slower, when you compare it with Overwatch.

4. Gotham City Impostors (Available on PC, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

This is one of “games like Overwatch”, a Batman game but unexpectedly, there is not Batman or any superhero here. Actually, Gotham City Impostors is about the fans of Batman fighting against fans of Jokers, and they all gather in a all out arena shooter. No Batman’s buddy, no Batman’s rival, but once you are in the game, you can find that it still has a lot of fun. In conclusion, it gives many entertaining moments.


The same to Overwatch, Gotham City Impostors mainly concentrate on mobility as well as cleverness, skillfulness and tricks of achieving your aims. There are different equipment and techniques for every character so that they can knock out their peers. Plus, a huge amount of unsimilar homemade weapons are available waiting for the players to try. In case you are crazy for happen-very-quickly action and would like to see a guy will big belly wearing the Batman suit, this is clearly the right game for you.