Overwatch custom game XP and gold weapon – the bugs

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1. Overwatch custom game xp

Custom Game was a game mode on Overwatch and the player can access it from the Play menu. This mode allowed the players to invite their friends to take part in their private match with their own rule set. These custom games allow the player to configure the number of people in each team including setting up bots. In addition, the player can also invite people to fill slots without matching. If you have played Overwatch, you will come across at least a handful of XP farming servers. These modes allow the players not have to do anything to gain XP during the skirmish match.

However, in fact, the Overwatch players still abuse custom games to Farm XP

Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s game director has called out about recent concerns regarding people abusing the new game mode to gain levels more quickly, saying that “Abusing and exploiting game modes like custom game to earn experience points in Overwatch while inactive is NOT ok.”

In a post made on the game’s official forums, Kaplan states that Blizzard is going to take “disciplinary action against people who partake in these kinds of activities,” meaning that the days of improperly using Overwatch custom game modes to get ahead of other could soon no longer exist.

Blizzard has taken the issue so seriously that methods to combat this behavior have already been issued, right as the discussion about farming grew yesterday. Skirmishes in custom games no longer give players XP, and an AFK timer (away from keyboard timer) has been added into the custom game modes. The developer hopes that combined with the pleas for Overwatch players to report players who abuse these game modes, the changes made will do the trick.

The game’s business model depends on players staying engaged and playing Overwatch properly in order to get those loot boxes (or just paying money to get them outright) so expect the developer to take even more extreme measures if this set of countermeasures doesn’t work out.

2. Overwatch gold weapons

By the appearance of Competitive play, Overwatch saw the addition of golden skins for the weapons for each hero. The price of these golden skins are 3000 CP per unlock, the points can only be accumulated in the game’s competitive and will be handed out to the player after winning a battle. However, the player will get all rewards at the end of the season, the number of rewards depending on the highest rank achieved.

Players of Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch have spotted another new bug in the game called the Gold weapons glitch.

To activate this bug, what you have to do is to click on the weapons as you’re attempting to purchase new ones, then you click on Golden, and then click the “Skins” tab right before if fades out. The Skins button is clickable during the entirety of the on-screen weapon animation, so all you have to do to preview “Gold weapons Overwatch” is click on the Skins button quick enough before it fades away completely.