Overwatch Uprising Guide

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Uprising, the latest PVE event in Overwatch is a wave/payload hybrid event mode that challenges players on the King’s Row map. Even after the event just launched, the Overwatch community is already trying to come up with and refine strategies for the event in order to blast through it on Legendary difficulty. That is considered to be no easy task as few people have been able to do it so far. But worry not, as we created the definitive Overwatch Uprising Guide that will help you on your way towards shredding through those pesky Omnics.

  1. First Section

This section shouldn’t be too hard to deal with. Stay inside, set up Bastion and Torbjorn with one on each corner, preferably wanting them to cover the roof’s back entrance.

2. Second Section

Once you reach the next capture point, try to take out the single large Omnic there as quickly as you can. After it’s destroyed, set Bastion up on the center of the platform underneath the statue, looking towards the back of the bus through the gateway.

Torbjorn turrets should be placed on the left side of the doorway leading into Alderworth Hotel. That way it can take out any Omnics that are coming out from the opposite end, as well as any coming from inside the Hotel lobby or behind the statue.

The key in this section is to take out as many enemies as possible. Use Reinhardt here to protect Bastion and Mercy to boost Bastion’s attack power.

3. Third Section

Before you get into the building where the third and final capture point lies, take out the small wave of enemies. You preferably want to do this from a distance because it’s easy to get caught up and killed here.

Once you’re inside, set up Torbjorn turrets on the steps at the back of the room. This will let it destroy Omnics coming through the stairs on the opposite side from the roof, along with any coming from the basement area.

Set Bastion up in the middle, as the bigger and more powerful Omnics tend to come in from the main central front doors.

When the shielded Omnics arrive, take out all of the non-shielded Omnics first. They can pack quite the punch so you should try not to get caught up in that.

If you have a good set-up and composition here then you should do just fine.

4. Payload

Right as you get the payload moving, set Bastion up on top of the payload. You can either move ahead and set up Torbjorn turrets, or place it behind Bastion on the payload.

I personally prefer the latter set up, as it will be able to take out the laser-firing Omnics, who literally comes out of nowhere most of the time while the rest of the team focuses their firepower on the front.

This area shouldn’t give you too much trouble as you advance towards the warehouse. Once you arrive at the front doors, however, there will be a final rush.

5. Warehouse

After you get through the door and enter the warehouse, immediately trigger Torbjorn’s and Bastion’s ultimate as you want to take out the first Orissa as fast as you can.

Don’t move too far into the warehouse however, as there’s a Bastion turret set up immediately to the right. Jump up to a platform and try to take it out from a distance.

This whole area in reality is really just a battle between Bastion and the Omnics as he’s the only one that can really cause significant damage making you require precise strategy between the Mercy, Reinhardt and Bastion.

The Torbjorn turret is the wildcard here, and its placement is super important as it can finish off enemies that cause havoc for your team.

Watch out for the opposing Bastions because they are well hidden and can quickly shred through your team. Take them out as quick as possible, and always remember to keep a good distance from the Orisas.